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How the documentation is organised

The documentation is organised by product, and then into categories for how-to guides, reference, tutorials, and topic guides.


  • CyberHive Connect - a Trusted Area Network: zero trust software-defined mesh networking secured with quantum-safe cryptography.

About CyberHive

CyberHive is a leading cyber security software company, with a proven record of innovation and excellence. Offering a complete suite of threat protection modules that seamlessly integrate to block current, as well as future threats.

Unlike other companies who try to prevent the bad from happening, CyberHive focus on only allowing the known good to happen, which puts you back in control of your data and lets you focus on your core business priorities.

At CyberHive, we realise that it is not a case of "if" companies will be hacked, but "when" and recognising this has allowed us to take a new approach to cyber security. With over 20 years' expertise in networking and infrastructure solutions, CyberHive are working to change the perception of cyber security - to help make data breaches a thing of the past.