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Connection relays

CyberHive Connect employs different methods of "NAT-busting" depending on the NAT in use.

Since release 3.2, newly registered Endpoints will automatically use a connection relay when adverse NAT conditions are detected.


Endpoints registered prior to release 3.2 will need to be configured to use a connection relay automatically.

It's not always possible to automatically establish connectivity, so in these scenarios, you can force individual Endpoints to route traffic through a connection relay.


Your data is not, and can not be, decrypted by the connection relay as it never has the decryption keys.

Configuring connection relays

Required version: 3.2.0 or higher

The client must be running version 3.2.0 or higher to use this feature.

Navigate to the settings tab of the Endpoint within your Organisation and click on the Edit Settings button.

Endpoint settings

In the Connection Relay drop-down list:

  • To allow the Endpoint to use a relay automatically, select Auto
  • To force the Endpoint to use a relay, select UDP
  • To prevent the Endpoint from using a relay, select None

Click on the Save button to save the change.


The setting only needs to be enabled on the Endpoint that requires the relay. The relay is automatically assigned for peer Endpoints.

The setting will take effect immediately; there is no need to restart the Endpoint.