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Client version

All clients in the Organisation must be running version 3.3.0 or higher, otherwise multicasting will be disabled for all Endpoints in the Organisation due to incompatibility. See Upgrade Connect for details of how to upgrade.

For clients running 3.2, see the multicast forwarding documentation.

CyberHive Connect can route multicast traffic between Endpoints. This does not require any multicast-capable network infrastructure to be in place.

All multicasts emitted by the source Endpoint are transmitted to any peer Endpoints which are listening for multicast messages. It is possible to limit the set of peer Endpoints using IAM Policy.

Multicast settings

Both the source Endpoint and the listening peer Endpoints must have the multicast setting enabled in the Control Service.


When multicasting is enabled, the multicasts emitted by the source Endpoint are available only within the Trusted Area Network (TAN).

Configuring multicasting

Required version: 3.3.0 or higher

The client must be running version 3.3.0 or higher to use this feature.

Navigate to the settings tab of the source Endpoint within your Organisation and click on the Edit Settings button.

Endpoint settings

Enable Multicasting using the check box, and then click on the Save button.

Repeat these steps for any Endpoints that you want to listen for multicast messages.

The setting will take effect automatically; there is no need to restart the Endpoint(s).