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Windows Logs

Client versions

  • 3.0.0
  • 3.0.1
  • 3.0.2

The Connect client writes logging into the Windows Event Log.

For all other logging information, refer to the Windows how-to.

Open the Windows Event Viewer

The Windows Event Viewer application allows you to view logging information generated by the Windows system and by applications. To open the Event Viewer, do one of the following:

  • Press Start button and type "Event" into the Search field until you see the Event Viewer application offered as an option.
  • Press Win+R to open the Run Command dialog; type eventvwr and press Return.
  • Start the Control Panel and select System and Security > Windows Tools > Event Viewer.

View the logs

Select Windows Logs > Application and the Connect client will log message with an event source of CyberHiveConnect. You can create a filter in order to focus on the messages you are interested in:

  • Select Filter Current Log in the right panel.
  • Select CyberHiveConnect in the event sources filter.

Configure Event Viewer filter