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Entra ID authentication

Entra ID is Microsoft's cloud identity and access management solution, which was previously known as Azure AD.

Connect integrates with Entra ID to enable federated authentication against your own Entra ID tenant.


Personal Microsoft identities, such as or accounts, are not managed in Entra ID, and can also be used to authenticate in Connect.

In order for users within your Entra ID tenant to authenticate with Connect, you must configure consent in Entra ID.

There are a range of possible approaches, so we recommend you read Microsoft's documentation on consent before deciding which approach to take.

A common approach is to configure an admin consent workflow which allows users to send a request for admin approval when they try to use an application which they are not permitted to provide consent for.

Once you've configured consent for Connect, your users will be able to authenticate using their standard Entra ID credentials.

Email aliasing and UPN

Connect uses the User Principal Name (UPN) as the username when possible. See limitations for more information.