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Part 2: Users

This tutorial begins where Part 1 left off. We'll create a user for non-interactive login.

Creating a User for non-interactive login

Non-interactive login is used for Connect Endpoints running on servers or other devices, where an interactive login is not required.


Interactive login uses an authentication backend such as Microsoft Entra ID (previously Azure AD) in order to provide Federated Login.

Navigate to the Users tab within the Organisation page, and click on the Add User button.

The Add User form will be displayed.

Add User form


The username must be in username@domain email-style format.

It doesn't have to be a real email address for non-interactive users.

The domain part should match one of the domains specified when the Organisation was created.

Go ahead and enter a username, then click the Save button.

The details of the new User, including the access token will be displayed.

Add User feedback


The token will only be shown once. Ensure you copy the value before moving on.


Nice job ! You've created a new User with an access token!


You can create as many users as you like within the bounds of your plan. If you need more users, simply contact us via

Continue reading in part 3 of this tutorial to start working with Endpoints.