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Register Connect as an application with EntraΒΆ

Before Connect can use your Entra tenant for IAM services, Connect must be registered in your Entra tenant as an application.

This establishes a trust relationship between Connect and the Microsoft identity platform.

To do this log in to the Microsoft Entra admin center with a Microsoft user account that has at least the Cloud Application Administrator role.

  1. Go to Applications -> App registrations -> New registration

  2. Enter a suitable name, such as "CyberHive Connect"

  3. Under Supported account types we recommend the choice of "Accounts in this organizational directory only (TrustedO365 only - Single tenant)"

    Entra App Registration

  4. A redirect URI is not needed for using Entra as an Identity Provider in Connect

  5. Click "Register"

You will be presented with a summary of your new application. Keep the page open ready for the next section.

Please make a note of:

  • Application (client) ID
  • Directory (tenant) ID

Once this stage is complete, you are ready to configure the permissions needed for Connect to use the Microsoft Graph API.

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