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Upgrade Connect


Download links for CyberHive Connect client installers can be found on the Release notes page.

In order to benefit from new features and enhancements, we recommend to upgrade Connect whenever a new release is available.

Points to note when upgrading

Any existing installation will be replaced by the new version.

It's possible to upgrade a Connect Endpoint, even when connecting remotely to it using Connect.

There will be a short loss of TAN connectivity while the upgrade is in progress.


Do not attempt to upgrade Connect from an installer package hosted on storage accessed via Connect.

For example, attempting to run the installer from a Samba drive mapped over Connect will fail, since the file will become inaccessible during the upgrade.

Upgrading the client on Windows

Download and run the installer executable as per the instructions in Install Connect on Windows.

The new version of Connect will automatically start and use the existing credentials.

Upgrading the client on Linux

If you're using the apt package manager as described in Install Connect on Linux:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install cyberhive-connect


apt install is preferred here, since unlike apt upgrade, it allows you to limit the packages which are upgraded.

If you want to upgrade all packages on your system, use apt upgrade.

It's also possible to install .deb packages directly, in which case use dpkg -i to install the new version.


On Linux you need to restart the service, as the package manager does not do this.

With systemd:

sudo systemctl restart cyberhive-connect.service