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Disabling and deleting Endpoints

CyberHive Connect Endpoints can be disabled, or unapproved, and deleted.

An Endpoint may be disabled temporarily, and re-enabled, as required.

Once an Endpoint is deleted, it cannot be used again.

Disabling and deleting Endpoints

This short video shows the simple steps to disable and delete an Endpoint.

The steps shown may not reflect the current release of Connect.

Toggling the approval status of an Endpoint

In the Connect control service, navigate to your Organisation, and select the Endpoints tab.

Use the toggle under the Approved column to disable an already approved Endpoint:

Toggle approval for an already approved Endpoint

You will be prompted for confirmation:

Confirm unapproval

To re-enable an Endpoint, use the toggle again, and confirm:

Confirm approval

Delete an Endpoint


You don't have to disable an Endpoint before deleting it.


Deleting an Endpoint means it is permanently removed from the organisation.

To permanently delete an Endpoint, click on the red bin icon, and confirm:

Confirm approval