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Create a user with an access token

CyberHive Connect users can log in using an access token created by an administrator.


Currently, access tokens can only be created for new token-based users and cannot be generated for existing user accounts. However, if you need to manage tokens on an existing user account, a superuser will be able to do this for you.

Create user with access token

This short video shows the simple steps to add a new user with an access token to CyberHive Connect's fast and resilient software-defined mesh network.

The steps shown may not reflect the current release of Connect.

In the Connect control service, navigate to your Organisation, and select the Users tab:

Users tab within an organisation

You will be prompted for the new username:

Add user prompt

Enter the username for the new user and click the Save button. The new user token will be displayed for you to copy:

New user token

Once you have copied the token, click the OK button.

The username and token can now be given to the user, so that they may configure the client settings as per the Linux or Windows how-to.