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Configure Maximum Transmission Unit

The Maximum Transmission Unit, or MTU, defines the size of the largest packets permitted on any given network.

The CyberHive Connect client default MTU is 1420. This caters for the broadest range of common connectivity scenarios, without introducing inefficiency.

You can however, choose to specify a different MTU.


The Connect client MTU is different to the MTU used on your network interface.

A good value is 80 less than the MTU of your network interface. It is strongly advised to keep the MTU of your network interface at 1456 or higher.

Configuring the MTU on Windows and Android

The MTU value is altered in the settings for Windows and Android.

On Windows, select the Advanced option to display the MTU field.

Advanced settings on Windows

Configuring the MTU on Linux

Set the CONNECT_MTU environment variable. For example, when running Connect as a service under systemd, add the following in /etc/default/cyberhive-connect to configure the MTU to be 1500:



You'll need to restart Connect for the change to take effect.

See also man cyberhive-connect for more information on the MTU setting.