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Sign up as a new user

Anyone with an access code can sign up to use CyberHive Connect using the sign up process.

This short video shows the simple steps to sign up.

The steps shown may not reflect the current release of Connect.

The sign up process results in a new Organisation, which you can administrate yourself, to get a limited number of Endpoints online.


To get an access code and details of the Connect control service, or to increase the limits placed on your Organisation, please contact us via

Using the sign up process

Navigate to the Connect control service, and follow the Sign Up link on the login page:

Self-signup option on the login page

You will be prompted for the access code:

Access code prompt

Enter the access code and click the Continue button. You'll be prompted to enter the name of a new Organisation in Connect:

New organisation name prompt

Enter the name of your new Organisation, and click the Sign up with Microsoft button. Once you've authenticated with your Microsoft account credentials, you'll be prompted to confirm that you wish to allow Connect to access your identity information:

Microsoft identity prompt

Click the Accept button. You'll then be taken to the home page of the Connect control service:

Connect home page

Click on the Organisations link to access your new Organisation:

Access your new organisation

You can now follow the Tutorial to get started with Connect!