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Mapping drives using Samba

Shared drives are really useful, but the underlying SMB/CIFS protocol isn't really intended to be used across the public internet. We can use Connect to fully secure access to our valuable data.

This short video shows the simple steps to map a network drive in Windows, so that it is readily accessible from Windows Explorer within CyberHive Connect’s Trusted Area Network.

The steps shown may not reflect the current release of Connect.

The Samba project is often used to host shared drives. We're big fans at CyberHive.

When making your shared drive available using Connect, make sure to append the Trusted Area Network (TAN) IP address to the interfaces line in /etc/samba/samba.conf, so that the Samba service binds to that in addition to the LAN address.

For example, if the Samba server has a LAN address and a TAN address then:

interfaces =
bind interfaces = yes

Now you can use your shared drive securely.